A Thai wedding feast menu


Your Thai wedding feast is created with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Most of these are produced on local farms that supply organic food to the local market when ever possible or from local area farmers that understand the traditional ways to raise food with as little commercial fertilizers as possible. This assures the freshest and best-tasting dishes possible, not to mention encouraging and supporting local producers to be as green as possible in the process.

Our chief and cook(s) are culinary masters who have been catering local Thai weddings for decades. They are perfectly capable of adapting the northern cuisine to the western Palette without loss of the true Thai flavour but a little more mild in “the spicy” scale if preferred by guests.

As well we do Vegetarian or none Vegetarian menus or a blend to suit your wedding party preferences

It is in northern Thailand traditional to eat seated on mats placed on the floor, in northern Thai culture. Of course, if you prefer not to, alternatively your wedding feast may be served on tables with western chairs. We fully understand not all westerners are comfortable to eat sitting on the ground.

Drinks are of course included with the traditional “Kontoke Style” feast, which most couples choose to experience.

Here is an example of some of the choices of dishes at Thai food at a Thai wedding feast.


Thai Wedding Food

This Northern Thai meal often consists of some of the following dishes. Needless to say, your favourite Thai dishes can be added among your choices.

Pork curry

Somtom – Papaya Salad

Green chilli Paste

Soup – vegetable and tofu

Grilled or fried Chicken – Chiang Mai Sausage

Sour and Spicy northern Sauce

Water bugs – bamboo worms- Silk Worms seasonal ask in advance.

Lamb Gai -minced spicy chicken

Moo Nam Tok -pork spicy Thai salad Center dish is

Chicken Chilli Paste with fuctong and pork rind and cabbage and vegetable

The food is served with sticky rice that is in small rattan type baskets this rice is the stable food of the north.


Thai iced Tea

Soft Drinks

Thai Beer.

Bar brands


We do of course offer a complete menu range to suit any preferences, but consider our from the distance from the ocean

+ Please note that Wine or bubbly  (other than for the toasting of the couple) and imported or specialty alcohols are not included. However, they may be ordered ahead of time.